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Estonian Vipers will attend Varle.lt Kings of the Baltics LAN finals

League of Legends team Estonian Vipers are the second team who will come to Vilnius on December 9-10th to participate in Varle.lt Kings of the Baltics LAN finals.

Estonian squad manage to beat Falcon Gaming from Latvia 2-0 in the upper bracket semi final.

Latvian side still have chance to qualify to LAN finals, if they will win their match in the looser bracket. They will fight for the spot against TEAMRUNINGDOWNMID and Tornado Assasins winner.

Varle.lt Kings of the Baltics LAN finals will be held in Lithuanian capital Vilnius, on December 9-10. The prize pool for League of Legends tournament is 3000€.

All the information about brackets, matches, results and teams you can find here.

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