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A pleasant surprise for Overwatch fans

While Activision isn’t ready to release an Overwatch film, one of the game’s heroes is about to have her first debut on the silver screen next year.

But I want to start with a question: have you ever had your one most favorite film, book or a video game? I hope the answer is yes. In that case, you are probably familiar with an amazing feeling which gives you shivers all over your body after you hear any reference of your beloved characters on the media. I am telling you this because I recently got one of those feelings and it was headspining.

It was even more exciting than an old blockbuster coming back with a new sequel. I would describe it as cluster of most interesting and different characters of all time. I am talking about new film adaptation by Steven Spielberg and it’s called Ready Player One, just like the book by author Ernest Cline. It tells a story about young gamer in 2045 which lives two very different realities. One is dull and cruel. Another is the Oasis - a virtual reality game. Right there in a virtual battleground of a trailer I saw one surprising cameo: Overwatch’s British pilot, Tracer. I was shook.

After all, Tracer is one of Overwatch’s most recognizable heroes. She’s wild and optimistic, quick and colorful. She is the face of the game. I am really glad she represents Blizzard’s newborn universe.

To be frank, I am not the biggest book rat, but I would 100% recommend this book before it’s released as a film. It is basically a bible for 80’s pop-culture. It has a lot of games, film and music references like Galaga, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dead Man’s Party. For those who are really not in the books I would suggest an audiobook voiced by one and only Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory etc.)

Written by: Adomas

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