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Mousesports qualify for CS Summit by winning the LOOT.BET cup

German's eSports organization's Mousesports Counter Strike: Global Offensive team have booked their place at cs_summit 2 after defeating Heroic 2-0 (16-4 on Cobblestone, 16-9 on Inferno) in the LOOT.BET Cup 2 grand final.

Following the end of the 22-team group stage, eight squads advanced to the single-elimination playoffs. With a spot at cs_summit 2 on offer, Heroic and mousesports battled it out in the qualifier's grand final after beating Valiance and Vega Squadron, respectively, in the semi-final stage.

cs_summit 2 will take place from February 8-11 at Beyond The Summit's house/studio, located in Los Angeles. Mousesports are the first confirmed team for the event, with more information about other qualifiers and invites due to be released shortly.

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